Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Chatbots for the optimization of high performance e-commerce environments

The main objective of this project is focused on favoring the activities aimed at acquiring new knowledge for the formulated application of Machine Learning Techniques and Predictive Analytics for its application in the high performance electronic commerce environment (MANING) that focuses the Homeria main line of business to achieve the best precision in the estimation of the volume of activity, consolidate and scale the service in number of orders and users as well as the continuous improvement of its satisfaction, reaching a substantial improvement in the spectrum of functionalities and the depth thereof, concluding in the realization of a precompetitive solution

Budget: 65,000

Project co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund A way to make Europe

Smart device for Water Gamification

In this project, industrial research is proposed to design and create a prototype of a device that allows the optimization of drinking water consumption, through environmental awareness strategies carried out, mainly, among children users. In this project, several strategic points can be highlighted, based on the implementation of recreational activities among the target population, it is expected to obtain a registry of real water consumption data at the domestic level, which will be analyzed to propose a series of strategies with which improve the management of water resources in the region. This project could be implemented at different levels of action, following the European strategy for the optimization of water resources.

Budget: € 126,359.42

Project co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund A way to make Europe

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