Development of applications which use a data parallel approach to processing large volumes of data


Delivery model where underlying technologies are supported on web services and service-oriented architecture


Working hand by hand with cutting edge technologies and universities


Storing data is not enough when the volume excess the limits. We apply Big Data and Machine Learning to the service of business.


Our delivery model has no limits. Scalable, secure and high performing technology.

Featuring BK Home Delivery in Spain as part of
Tillster-Homeria S.L.

European projects

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The BPM4People project aims at designing and bringing to the market innovative methodologies, software tools, and vertical applications for the implementation of Social Business ProcessManagement (Social BPM), i.e., processes “collaboratively defined” and “collaboratively executed” by Read more

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CUbRIK is a framework for the development of search-based applications. Multimedia search processing done in CUbRIK (across query content analysis and relevance feedback processing) benefit from: – High level metadata gathered from crowdsourcing and as Read more

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Smart Water 4 Europe

In Europe 3.500.000 km’s of water distribution networks exist (EUREAU, 2009). Water utilities face a number of challenges related to these distribution networks. In the next 10 – 30 years large parts of water distribution Read more

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