In HOMERIA we have a stable work team formed by more than 40 people, most of them university graduates and with postgraduate studies.

The youth, the high training and the professionalism of our team elevates people as the maximum standard of HOMERIA Open Solutions. An aligned vanguard team capable of turning ideas into successes.

We are a group of colleagues that coordinates and integrates efforts for the same cause, we share values and we are guided by the same principles of respect, solidarity, autonomy, dialogue and self-development. The continuous exchange of ideas allows us to acquire a broader vision of the business and recognize the different angles and nuances of each of the casuistry that imposes on us every day.

Our method is none other than the promotion of creativity, motivation and the transformation of personal responsibility into shared responsibility, a motivation that – in short – allows us to have a humanist administration that looks after the continuous care of the people who make up HOMERIA .

We comply with agreed commitments, we are humble in learning and patient in teaching, we promote cooperation and we recognize and encourage the work of others, always placing team performance above individualities.


To be a leading company in the Information Technology sector, positioning ourselves as the first option in technological solutions of the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector and, without forgetting our university genes, in a reference in the development of R&D projects.

Specifically, our vision is to be a benchmark in terms of data processing and analysis, using R&D  as a tool to improve the services we provide.


Contribute to the continuous improvement of our customers, by providing technology products and services of the highest quality that accelerate and optimize their digital transformation, and managing the business in a way that creates value for the company as well as society in general and our university in particular.



  • We grow with the desire to learn and develop.
  • We seek excellence. Having a good education and a deep knowledge of what we do will make us achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.
  • We learn from everyone and we defend group knowledge and innovative thinking.



  • We believe in positive energy, in the value of motivation and in ambitious and visionary thinking.
  • We love what we do, we are the people that make up the company, the ones that sustain our reputation.
  • We have attitude and we do things today -in the present- not tomorrow.



  • If in our day to day we do our work in an excellent way and we do it with dedication, ethics and responsibility, we will be an example for our environment.
  • We appreciate our team spirit and speak with one voice.
  • All, aligned, we count.


Our commitment to social responsibility and the inclusion of people with disabilities has earned us the ONCE Solidarity Award of Extremadura in 2016. We have been named Best SME of Extremadura by El Periódico Extremadura in 2016 and we have also received the Accésit to the Best Technology Company by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Extremadura also in 2017. 

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